Altay Capital, LLC is a boutique investment banking firm, headquartered in Palo Alto, heart of Silicon Valley, which offers investment advisory and family office services to select organizations and private individuals.
We focus on specific client-centric engagements such as raising capital, transaction structuring, and restoring profitability in a variety of industries; the results prove that our efforts lead to desired outcomes.

With a substantial record of helping businesses and families flourish and succeed in the rapidly evolving international marketplace.

Our team includes experienced entrepreneurs, money-managers, CFOs, private equity bankers, and various credentialed analysts.
The Altay Capital Advantage
Altay Capital maintains quality partnerships with domestic and foreign institutions,
business executives, and government officials.
  • Access to strong, growing markets and industry in California and Texas
  • Political and business risk assessment of target markets
  • Access to strong and growing markets
  • Market-entry strategy and business venture development
  • Access to foreign and domestic government leaders, agencies and institutions
  • Identifying and evaluating target investment opportunities and transactions
  • Identification and securing sources for capital
  • Deal structuring
  • Exit strategies and divestitures
  • Identification and vetting of potential joint venture partners
  • Management of regulatory and taxation issues
  • Resolution of investment and operational challenges and disputes
  • Access to senior corporate executives, investment banks, private equity funds.
  • International accounting, taxation, legal and intellectual property expertise.
A Proven Path to Success
Each of our transactions involves a substantial period of analysis, evaluation and discussion

Altay Capital focuses on client-centric engagements where our efforts and results are directly tied to the desired outcome of our deal principals.